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Domestic Cleaning.



• Remove finger marks and stain, polish and clean the drawers and cupboards

• Clean the freezer and refrigerator

• Clean the washing machine, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances

• Remove finger marks and clean the microwave


 Wash, clean, and polish all surfaces


• Wipe and clean the door handles;

• Shine the tiles and taps, wash and clean the sink

• Mop, vacuum, and sweep the floor

• Dust the light switches and lampshades

• Wipe down and empty the bins




• Disinfect and clean the toilet bowl and toilet seat

• Clean the shower cabin.

• Wash and clean the bathtub

• Polish chromes, glasses, mirrors

• Mop and vacuum the floors

• Wash and clean the sink



• Wipe and clean the drawers and wardrobes

• Dust and polish all surfaces and tops

• Polish all glass surfaces and mirrors

• Dust ledges and windowsills

• Dust the lampshades and picture frames

• Straighten duvet, fluff pillows, make bed

• Dust and clean the skirting boards

• Change sheets

• Remove dirt and finger marks, wipe down and clean the light switches

• Mop and vacuum the floor


 Dinner and living room


• Dust all surfaces and chairs

• Remove cobwebs

• Dust silver and brass

• Polish and clean all glass surfaces and mirrors

• Dust and clean the radiators

• Tidy and vacuum the sofas

• Clean the tables


Staircase and Entrance


• Dust the lampshades and picture frames

• Dust the handrails

• Wipe window the ledges

• Dust the radiators


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( There is a minimum requirement of 2 hours per session. )

no vat



Domestic cleaning is available on a monthly, fortnightly, weekly, and daily basis, whatever option suits you best. We can supply eco-friendly materials and will bring them on request.


Our fully insured service means our customers can let us do the hard work in complete confidence. Busy professionals can leave our cleaners to work their magic, safe in the knowledge that a spotless home will await them on their return. Our services are customised and flexible according to your requirements, and a variety of options are available to suit your needs and expectations.

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