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Office Cleaning.

Our office cleaning service guarantees that your employees work in a safe, clean, and pleasant environment. We offer the following services for your offices, reception, restrooms, and kitchen areas.




• Dust the high ledges, diffusers, and grills

• Dust all sills, blinds, and wall décor

• Dry-shine and sanitize the sink

• Sanitize the countertops and tables

• Mop and sanitize the hard floor areas

• Wash the chair and table legs

• Sanitize the towel dispensers




• Scrub the ceramic tile floors

• Dry-shine bright work

• Sanitize the grab bars, partitions, dispensers, changing tables, countertops, commodes, and sinks




Offices, conference rooms, reception, and training rooms


• Clean interior glass

• Clean the baseboards and exposed edges

• Dust the vents and clean the glass panels

• Vacuum under traffic mats and desks

• Remove obvious marks and mop

• Dust and detail the exposed areas of chairs, file cabinets, office equipment, countertops, phones, partitions, furniture, and desks

• Dust and details all screens and other exposed areas of computers

• Clean all glass doors


• Dust the low and high corner areas

• Empty the trash cans and bins and replace linen

• The phones free of soil build-up, makeup, and odour

• Clean office furniture, pictures, thermostats, bookshelves, and tabletops

• Office furniture and equipment free of drink and coffee stains, smudges, fingerprints, and streaks

• Remove streaks, stains, and fingerprints from the glass doors

• Sanitize the drink fountains and remove watermarks, reside, and soil

• Remove dirt and smudges from interior glass

• Sanitize ashtrays and clean all debris, soil, and cigarette buts. Replace linen.

• All baseboards, floors, ceilings, and office corners free of cobwebs

• Windowsills and Venetian blinds free of debris and dust

• Upholstered furniture and chairs free of hair, debris, and dirt

• Legs and frames free of stains and dust


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