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One off Cleaning.

On each cleaning, we will complete the following tasks up to the highest standard. If you need one off cleaning to fresh up your home we can help you with that. We can organise the cleaner to come at the day and time convenient for you.


Our one off cleaning service is suitable for all customers who do not require cleaning on regular basis. Apart from the cleaning we can help you with ironing as well.



• Clean the door frames

• Clean the exhaust fan

• Vacuum and mop the floors

• Disinfect and scrub the toilets

• Clean the glass and shower fittings

• Scrub the shower recess

• Polish and clean the mirror

• Clean the vanity and basin




• Mop and vacuum the floors

• Clean the fingerprints from the light switches and door frames

• Clean the range hood and stove top

• Clean the backsplash and bench tops

• Clean the exterior of the refrigerator


Common areas, hallways, stairs, and bedrooms


• Wipe down the skirting boards

• Clean the blinds

• Dust all furniture

• Clean the glass tables

• Leave all rooms and surfaces neat and tidy

• Clean the wall marks

• Mop clean all non carpeted floors

• Wipe the window screens




• Wipe down the handrail

• Spot clean the walls

• Vacuum or sweep the stairs



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Dining room


• Polish the table

• Wash the curtains

• Open the windows

• Dust the serving dishes and china

• Wash the trim and walls

• Launder the table linens

• Wash the vent covers and floor registers


 Living room


• Dust decor, furniture, and shelves

• Clean the TV screen

• Clean the lamps and dust electronics

• Vacuum and mop the floor

• Wash the switch plates

• Sort magazines, books, and DVD collections




• Dust furniture

• Wash and sweep the closet floor

• Dust art and lights

• Make beds

• Vacuum, sweep, or mop the floors




• Clean the entry mat

• Wash all furnishings and the bench

• Dust the fixtures

• Scrub the floor

• Sort items in the closet


* Required
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( There is a minimum requirement of 5 hours per session. )


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